Gathering data

My next question is how best to collect interim data? Clearly the point is long term retention of learning. Yet I am unsure of the best method to monitor ongoing results.
Arguably I could do so through basic fact testing and spelling testing, but it am far more interested in the cross curricular applications.

Possible methods:

Ipad memory game app….measure ongoing performance
Align results with ongoing basic facts testing.

Use memory game.

Measure ability to recall writing ideas.

Have a comparison group who are not receiving the same assistance: treat as a control group.

Whilst this is part of my teaching as inquiry project, I still wonder about the ethics of this.

Yes it is something that I am required to do, and that will be done with the appropriate levels of confidentiality. It is also something I have done in a vastly more informal matter.

To address this quandary I will only share percentages with results and use pseudonyms. I will not identify the size of the control group or the group I am focused on.


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