How the Internet helps us include each other


Inspiration to create

Reading this posting by Gary Hamel I noticed, not least, this part:

“The Web has already engendered a dramatic shift in bargaining power from producers to consumers.  What’s coming next is an equally dramatic and irreversible shift in power from institutions to individuals. BYOD is just the beginning. If your organization is going to attract and engage the most creative individuals in the world, then as a CIO you have to think about how you might help facilitate SYOG – Set your own goals, DYOJ – Design your own job, PYOC – Pick your own colleagues, AYOE – Approve your own expenses, or CYOB – Choose your own boss.”

Reflecting on this, I came to think about how, during the past decade or so, the Internet – including social media – as well as mobile electronic devices have had a tremendous effect / impact on our business lives and personal…

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