Aspects of practice for revision

  • Writing programme: happyish with results. Not so happy with my teaching. Winged far too much. Relied on my prior experience far too much. 
  • Maths…its going fine but need to revisit my curriculum coverage of numeracy and do a pedagogical knowledge self-review. Also…I need to make better use of the ipads during that time. 
  • Reading: need to revamp the independent tasks. Lack of engagement and appropriate tasks for students. Ipads are being used far too rarely for my liking. When they are used they are rarely used in a truly transformative way. 
  • Overall have not stretched myself in education for some time. Do fine at the research aspect of it, but not so much at the application. 
  • Whilst I self-review constantly I have lacked in the area of implementing my conclusions from my self review. 
  • Planning: just plain slack. Mental planning does not cut it today!
  • Art…going well. Could do a better job of demonstrating good praxis though. 

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