Time and the Class Size Conundrum

This is well worth a read. Whilst NZ parents rebelled at the idea of larger classes and won, it is an issue I am sure is relevant around the world.

NZ education is a battlefield being fought in the media by the government. It will be interesting to see how it plays out.

Nat Natters

It’s been said, often, in nationwide media drives and perhaps even around the world, that “the best thing you can spend on your children is time.” And I wholeheartedly agree (provided, of course, that the activities being engaged in during this shared time are beneficial in some way to the child- but to save time, let’s assume that is the case). Where I’m going, here, is in multiple directions, with a focus on class sizes, through the lenses of behavior management, of parental involvement, and that all-encompassing thing that is “being a teacher”.   


The issue of class sizes, once again, is relevant as the country gears up for the election and stones are thrown in all directions by any number of individuals with political leanings. Debate has long raged over the implications of class size on learning and teaching, with Prime Minister John Key saying in a…

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