Personal learning about Google apps for education

I see the potential in google apps & Google Drive. I get it. I just don’t think it is applicable to me in my current circumstance. It could definitely be used amongst staff, and even in the older classrooms. But homework is not digital because it disadvantages kids who do not have access to that tech.


In a highschool or even year 5-6 class I think it would be quite usable. I just don’t see it happening with my juniors, when I have other more user friendly tools. We don’t have a one-to-one ratio at my school and we are taking a blended learning approach. I will continue to learn about GAFE, but I just don’t think it is a product that does what I want or that fits in with my current learning experience.

Collaboration (unsuprising – a number of other tools do this, although the multi-user type feature is fantastic. When I tried it however I got very distracted trying to figure out who was what creature)

Shared storage: allows others to access materials I have created

Assessment etc

Great infographic containing search tips for students (upper primary)


Check with boss before signing up: looks like it has addressed the privacy issues.

Google classroom thing : Exactly what is needed to streamline google docs in the classroom environment. Looks interesting. Very much suited to older students with sound literacy skills. 



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