Challenged thinking

I am presently working my way through the latest SET magazine: Set: Future Education Special Issue No 1 2014. It is a great NZ magazine that contains excellent research. 

My shortnotes

Anyway, the theme of this one is future education. Over and over again it has challenged me about what constitutes future education, but more so how the existing discourses around future education are shaping our classrooms. 

We now speak of a ‘knowledge building curriculum’ whilst being required to feed knowledge to students in order to achieve ‘standards’. These articles have made me realise how limited my knowledge of this term actually is, and of my limited understanding. I will need to do further research in this area. It certainly sparked some ideas for when we have the ‘future focus’ as our underpinning focus in our inquiry topics at school. 

I am still working my way through the magazine, so new notes will no doubt eventually appear on the google doc I hyperlinked to. 

My personal challenge is to find a practical application for this rather nebulous discussion and learning, then implement it. 


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