I’ve got heaps of stuff that I want to do, but I just don’t know how to begin…

I was talking recently with a couple of colleagues. We were discussing classroom practice, including the importance of setting up routines etc in a new classroom. 

The question was posed (though more eloquently stated) of how do you actually integrate tech routines into the classroom. particularly when students are used to something quite different than what you want to do. 

This caused me to look back over how I establish routines surrounding tech in the classroom (or rather don’t at times).  Continue reading


Writing review

My writing programme to date: 

I described in detail my altered writing programme, and have commented on its increased engagement. Since then our whole school has taken up paired writing. My class has joined in with the juniors.

To make this work, we have established a four-way interchange of sorts. One group goes with a teacher for paired writing. They do not rotate. The other groups consist of: Digital writers, book writers (who do their writing in books) and independent writers (writers who do their writing in books, and mostly independently with a teacher aide to support this independence). These three groups rotate weekly. 

I am really enjoying this approach, not the least because it means we have about 15 students per group. Students are learning lots. 

When I eventually have my own class again (at the end of paired writing) I would like to reintroduce my plan, with the alteration of having students on digital writing for a week. It allows them to do much deeper work than when they have to get it done within two days. 

Additionally, I used to have it that they could choose the app to tell their narrative through. I would alter this to a directed app, more because of their age and experience. Whilst they are beginning to make good tech choices, their ability to use the apps to a deeper level is still somewhat limited. They like to use what they know, or what is ‘fun’ and lose the learning amidst this.