Creative commons and copyright

There was a big discussion last week regarding creative commons (CC) and copyright run by our PLD liaison/provider: AK. I teach six and seven year olds and don’t view it as overly important at that age: they are six and seven.

However as I have gone away and thought about it I have begun to wonder if AK was right. Perhaps it is in fact important: get into the habit young and continue it on throughout.

Part of my issue was that students couldn’t easily do it using iPads: it’s all very well and good doing so in google docs, but how can I do it on iPads with 6 and seven year olds. I have only just got them to the point of naming the source (writing down the title of the book they got their information from), and mostly to the stage of writing the answer down in their own words.

I have currently conceded to taking screenshots that include a web address of origin. That’s better, isn’t it? At least it’s a start.

I have a very generic view of the internet: if  it is out there, it is for use. But today I was reading the terms and conditions for the latest IOS update. It specifically discussed the copyright issues related to things created on a device and responsibilities related to uploading said content.

I must ponder some more…heaven help me! I am quite uptight about this issue and need to develop it somewhat. Thoughts?


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