6 Changes Toward Personalized Learning

Pernille Ripp

Say personalized learning to most people and it conjures up classrooms where every child is doing their own thing and the teacher is furiously trying to maintain order and overview in an otherwise rule-free classroom.  Yet, this is not exactly what it is.    Instead, personalized learning to me means student voice and choice, where student input is used to create a personalized learning path that allows students room to explore their passions while exposing them to new things.  Sounds great but where do you even begin on this path?  Or even better, what are you already doing that would count as a step toward personalized learning?

Change the way they sit.  I ask my students to sit wherever they want as long as they can work.  Only once in awhile do I have to interfere as to their seating choice and I have much happier students.  Why?  Because they…

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