This year’s teaching as inquiry

With the ever growing importance of tracking and monitoring and data gathering I have just been thinking about how I can monitor the effectiveness of different element of our learning programmes.

Longitudinal data will prove the effectiveness of moving to a team teaching model.

After doing paired writing last year I was intrigued by the in and out data it provided, particularly the words in ten minutes. I think that that is one really easy method to follow. I would like to use it in our generic writing programme every five weeks or so to monitor development.

Reading seems relatively simple to monitor – running records, sight words known etc.

Maths…basic facts data I guess. Beyond that only the beginning and end of year stuff to indicate strategy retention. I need to discuss other monitoring methods with the facilitator.

Obviously I need to wait and see before I decide on my focus. Judging by the new ready to read books at red and magenta, it may very well be around that. The new reds and magentas seem much more challenging than the previous ones, but they are very interesting to read. I suspect that there is some reason behind the change, but would be interested to know what it was. It has made me rethink my approach to reading, even before I begin!

At any rate, it is now time to sign off and get some sleep (after a bit of Captain Picard of course: Star Trek the next generation awaits)!


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