With day one as a roaring success (to my mind at least), I have started buzzing about the coming week. It’s often challenging getting back after the holidays, but once I’m there it’s all go. I really enjoyed myself.

The kids are gelling together well. I did notice though that during whole class times students get disruptive fast. It’s all quiet chatter but chatter amongst so many adds up quickly to create distracting noise: disengagement is more obvious in large groups.

The first place to start is reducing talk time I think.

On a side note I saw the power of team teaching today
when I had two care groups in the main room ( the Clearing) and another child with a badly bleeding nose. I took the main group while the other teacher dealt with the blood (The student is absolutely fine of course, just as an FYI). Usually DAT would have stopped while the priority was dealt with. In this case we carried on and began learning about the layers of the rainforest using the app: If I Ran the Rain Forest (Dr. Seuss/Cat in the Hat) by Oceanhouse Media

I left this read to me book playing and was able to check on the student in the sickbay where he was being tended to. Students were supervised and learning. Later in the day this learning lead to us creating tarpaulin canopies and walking to the pools with these over our heads.

This also lead to the observation of student engagement in visual media and my question once again of does it matter at school if students are more engaged with digital media than print? We provide a fairly well blended learning model but the screen time issue is still a hot one. Your thoughts?

Here we are after we measured out the Matai tree and the rain started.



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