Personal growth

The week has once again begun and has been going really well. The last stress that I blogged about recurred and I managed it quite successfully. It was not an issue this time!

What was different? I was no longer as tired, becoming used to the routine of teaching swimming in the water for an hour and the pace of day to day teaching as I find my pace again. I had a back up plan (B): it was no longer a new scenario. I had a plan c and realised if A and B failed that my team would be fine with the invention of plan C.

We began planning for next week. I will be the cave teacher. I was pretty excited at this prospect!

When things are up and running the cave teacher (the small group teacher) will be withdrawing students. There will be 1 teacher for reading and 2 for maths and writing. Next week however we are using only one cave teacher for reading and writing. This will allow us to get some testing done.

As I pondered this, I realised I was excited because I would feel more in control of the situation. Consequently I need that second cave teacher to join me ASAP. It will not be comfortable, but I need to get comfortable with the discomfort as this is how we have planned to teach for the year.

These are the challenges I face and some of the biggest ones for me (when I look at the root of what’s preventing my development. I want a degree of career advancement but the way I teach now – I don’t deserve it. Until I can receive it more easily I cannot grow.

Team teaching is uncomfortable – brilliant and making such a difference for the students – but uncomfortable. I am so glad we made this change.


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