Teacher registration: evidence and cultural competencies.

With a major change coming to the way the NZ Teachers Council is set up and running, there is going to be a much greater need for ‘evidence.’ Part of me thinks: great – more paperwork. But the other parts think this makes sense. We are pushing the ‘professionalism’ aspect, and with that comes the ‘a’ word: accountability. We live in the age of accountability.

That’s my warm up! Today’s in-school PLD was on teacher registration – looking at evidence and Tataitoko cultural competences. We did a jigsaw exercise which forced us to examine these (and the parts of the registered teacher’s criteria) in close detail. I need to go back and reread those when my brain is not so full.

Part of the meeting was considering what that evidence will look like, and we will revisit this in a few weeks. I have begun investigating some different methods using the VLN. The teacher’s council website is quite good. I found this example of tags that could be used and this really good TKI site which has some examples. 

I am currently trying to use this blog to capture some of the evidence, however it will not all be appropriate for this site (student privacy etc). I have not set this up as a place to fill with examples of student work. I think I would rather link to a class blog etc for that aspect of the evidence. I also have begun creating digital modelling books – so much better than paper ones for reading! Maths I think will remain paper, at least for a while. Regardless, these provide inherent evidence of my ICT use and should also reflect cultural competencies and student engagement.

I originally created this blog in response to a GAFE course run by Anne Keneally as a part of the LwDT contract. My goal was to begin recording my research. It has since evolved into a ‘journal’ of sorts of my teaching practice, and a place for reflection. I have really enjoyed putting up my PLD notes and having a place to do this writing where it will not feel ‘wasted’ (I can keep this information in my head, but it was put to us that we could share it).

One challenge (perhaps even advantage?) I have found of doing things in this way is that I am forced to reflect so much more on myself and my actions within an environment. Most posts about team-teaching are reviewed by myself with a good break between (some up to a week later) to ensure I reflect respectfully and honestly.

‘Till I post again.


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