Ulearn Day One Reflection.

After yesterday my mind is absolutely buzzing. At events like these I am reminded of two things: I am not used to crowds & I need paper (digital or otherwise) to organise my thoughts & articulate them verbally & coherently.

I attended Ann Milne’s plenary which explored what Maori achieving success as Maori actually means.

  • What lenses are you looking through? Acknowledge that you are looking through one.
  • Who has the power in your professional relationships?
  • We need to be explicitly counter hegemonic.
  • Make developing the cultural identity of students & building relationships. The academic will generally follow.
  • As long as we measure Maori success by Pakeha standards ie National standards & ignore success in the cultural realm, we are just going to replicate the existing situation.
    • So…what is this going to look like for us?
    • How can we make this a reality when some of us lack the skill base to teach cultural identity?

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