Investigating docAppender and other add ons to forms for tracking observations & behaviour

I am currently investigating docAppender as I work towards sitting the certified educator level 2 exam. As I have looked into this, I am intrigued by the possibility of developing an observation tracking form.

We have established a tracking table on docs for students, but this has become clumsy as more is added to it. Data requires multiple entries when multiple students are involved.

Earlier today I was considering forms as a method of tracking because at least you could sort by name etc. DocAppender however, has a possibility to send this information into multiple documents, allowing a central collection as well as an individual tracking sheet. It will be interesting to see how these can actually be used.

Anyway, brain unfrozen. I shall continue my work. Update to come.


2 thoughts on “Investigating docAppender and other add ons to forms for tracking observations & behaviour

  1. Jenni May 24, 2016 / 7:01 pm

    Hi there,
    Curious to know if you’ve explored this more and if you have any suggestions/tips for using it as individual student tracking sheets.

    • abner325 May 26, 2016 / 8:44 am

      I have explored this a little more, but there have been issues with bugs in the programme since the new version of docs came out – sometimes it appears and other times it doesn’t. I have gone to using Google Forms for an equivalent data entry method because you can sort all the data out using the pivot tables – this makes it easy to collect. Doc appender would be an awesome supplement, but I don’t want to start using it until it has stabilised.

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