Research Methodologies 

What is research?

  • A line of inquiry involving exploring, explaining, challenging and proving 
  • Gathering data and analysing it
  • Sharing results
  • An attempt to answer a question which is published

Ultimately though, research is about growing knowledge through a systematic line of inquiry.
What are Research Paradigms?
These beautiful creations stitch together your ontology and epistemology and inform your research. A paradigm is a perspective about research held by a community of researchers.  The three major players in Western research at present are underpinned by a positivist, critical theory and interpretivist paradigm. Kaupapa Maaori theory exists in this spectrum as well and is carving a niche amidst these dominant paradigms and epistemologies. I mention it separately not to other it, but to acknowledge it’s relevance and equal sitting in my mind.

The Implications?

Be aware of the paradigms. Let your research question drive your methodologies but be aware of your epistemology and paradigm. 

Location of self within research remains important.


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