Case Studies

I am very excited because the week is drawing to an end (okay it is just beginning but it is the last week) and I can go home. This shouldn’t be so exciting, but it is. I’m not as homesick as I was last week though – maybe another couple of weeks here would actually see me right. The course content is challenging but interesting and I am finally beginning to feel more comfortable as my environment becomes more familiar. But I digress..At any rate…today’s topic is (or rather was) case studies. 

A fantastic lady named Carol came and shared how she had used case studies to find out about the lives of older intellectually disabled people. 
AA case study is an intensive study of a single group, incident or community. It has key factors, requiring an in depth examination of an incident or case and is a systematic way of looking at and dealing with information. It is all about having a story to tell. 
We are told that much of our initial work will be based on case studies although I suspect that they will not be the same as the ones that Carol spoke about, or often, even the same kind of case study as she did. This makes sense to me. I still have some confusions about case studies and need to read more about them. In some ways they seem very straight forwards and in others they are absolutely not at all. I suspect part of my confusion comes from a lack of understanding about how qualitative data is analysed. We are covering that in the next couple of days and I look forward to it. 


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