Settle-petal or your brain will explode (but the world won’t)

Settle petal. A phrase I use far too often when someone needs to calm down. Right now is a personal ‘settle-petal’ moment. 

I have a heap of new learning which I wish to implement in my classroom. I have just made a substantial change to my classroom programme in writing. I should be content with that but am not (and can see areas of tweaking to be done within writing). 

I want to try the flipped classroom model for maths and writing and reading. I honestly think that I am taking on too much in my approach to this. 

Consequently I am going to begin the flipped classroom thing for maths. I have decided that I need to limit it to one group initially or it will become something unmanageable. I will also try having a student film the maths lesson so that it can be viewed again during the independent session. 

Let’s rewind. What do the students need? What will best suit their learning needs? Continue reading