I begin to learn more about myself than I want to…

As per normal the term has gotten away on me already! I encountered my first issue (and really it was a need to be flexible+tired teacher+small change = issue). It was a case of me needing to adhere to a sudden change to the afternoon rotation pattern. I misunderstood, was unncertain and became rigid and inflexible. The changes stood. We moved forward.

As I later understood it was less to do with others making the change decision (because it had to happen and I was on duty-they did fill me in) and more to do with me feeling out of control of the situation. Frankly, I am disappointed in how I responded. The afternoon of course continued and students learnt. Not the end of the world.

It was an important occurrence though, highlighting a big weakness of mine: control – I need to feel in control of what is happening.

This is the biggest challenge that I have found, and is not one that I was expecting to be a problem, is that I have less control over what is happening. I work in a team with two others (both amazing, talented teachers, one of whom is the team leader). As such we all need to be on the same page. Continue reading



First post of the year! Exciting times.

Well we have done it: taken the plunge into true team teaching. This is really exciting and nerve wracking at the same time. I have a feeling that I am facing the most challenging year of my career to date.

I am the youngest in the team of three (and those on staff -but that is beside the point). I get to work with fantastic people, never-the-less I expect battles (and celebrations) to come. This becomes obvious when you nearly burst into tears over placement of some dictionaries (let’s be honest – it was never about the dictionaries and probably never will be).

Why so challenging?

Never in my teaching career have I felt so exposed. With the team teaching and planning environment we have established (kudos to the team leader!), all elements of our practise and practice are out in the open. There is no preparing the perfect lesson for that observation you know is coming. You are in there every day with another teacher who will see what you are doing. They will share in your triumphs and failures, your good days and bad because they are there. There are no selective stories shared in the staffroom as you offload, painting you in a slightly saintly light. Frank discussions that could have previously been politely avoided now need to be had. It really is entering the great unknown.

But it is these very challenges that hold such promise. Already the opportunities I have had to learn from my experienced colleagues have been numerous. We have only planned so far – never mind teaching children (that begins next week).

In exposing my teaching practice in this way I am presented with a huge opportunity for growth (and reassurance that I am actually doing the right things).

One of the greatest opportunities for me is to get used to constructive feedback. It is something I know I need, and I appreciate, but I secretly dread. In experiencing this more regularly through my day to day practice formal appraisals will not be as nerve wracking (I hope anyway).

At any rate a promising year is ahead! Go the junior hub team! I am very blessed to be working with these wonderful people in this wonderful place.

Cheers God (and people who hired me).