Exciting times.

As a teacher who loves ICT and the possibilities that are hiding within it, there is very little more exciting than a new piece of tech that turns out to do more than what you expected. 

I just got my new TELA laptop (and for those of you who are not NZ teachers: All public school teachers in NZ are provided with a laptop by the school they work for (whilst they’re there). These laptops are generally leased through TELA on a 3 year cycle). 

Anyway. My TELA is a Mac. It is shiny and silver. My boss kindly put on an iPad mirroring programme: reflector. It is brilliant. Forget getting an apple TV. I can just use my new computer!!!!! I can mirror, then record ipads. Multiple students can (allegedly) mirror their device simultaneously. Think of the reflection possibilities, the tutorial creation probabilities…the everything possibilities and the ability to demonstrate from here there and everywhere!!!! I am super excited. Super excited. 

(Excuse the grammar: at times like this excitement supersedes quality writing).