The ultimate workplace

This place looks awesome to work. Talk about student driven! I think I have just found my dream job AND a way to be thrown right out of my comfort zone. And even if you aren’t quite as convinced, it provides some great examples of ways to promote success, student  driven learning, child agency and develop great human beings. Imagine if this school’s curriculum became that of the nation!

Sudbury School


P2P: Robotics, Minecraft & Conflict

P2P is over. Fortunately the rest of Ulearn begins tomorrow. Here are some key things from the day. At the bottom I will include a more detailed breakdown of my learning from each course.

  • Conflict is important to learning, particularly deep learning.
  • It is easy to dismiss tools such as Minecraft as ‘playing’ and not ‘learning’. Did playing stop being learning once students leave kindergarten?
  • Are the methods of learning you provide less complex than the learning students are doing independently?
  • Let the students try to solve a problem that you do not know the answer to (and that isn’t  a quick google search away to find the answer with ease).
  • The online world is extremely social & requires a lot of interaction in multi-player games
  • Online multiplayer gaming requires an understanding of social rules & regulations that are specific to that community, but can also help develop conflict resolution & negotiating skills applicable to physical world situations.

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